Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Timing

What's worse than having to bear the heat of a Vegas summer?

Having to bear it without the use of a swimming pool....

Poor Miss Rooster will be spending the next month swimming in her own sweat. The poor girl broke her elbow at school on the playground. She did it on a Friday late afternoon. Just as luck would have it she wasn't able to see an Orthopedic until the following Tuesday to get it casted. The entire weekend the rascally little 7 year old had to be tamed by lying on the couch in excruciating pain.

Berns and I spent those 4 days explaining to her that casts are not waterproof and the poor girl would not be able to partake in diving and cannonballing at our pool until the cast was gone. Being that Ri just finished her swimming lessons and has become quite the fish, this ruined her.

When we got to the doctor on Tuesday he delivered many splendid bits of news.
1. The break in her elbow missed her growth plate (huge sigh of relief--no surgery!)

2. She would only have to keep her cast on for a month, meaning it would come off right before we had to travel to Durango for auntie Damon's wedding.

3. THEY NOW OFFER WATERPROOF CASTS!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!! and I'm not talking about a little water resistance--she could full blown submerge the thing in the water. This stuck a huge permanent grin on Roo's face. (not to mention swimming with a bright pink cast is super stylish)

Well...some things are just too good to be true. Wed night Riley joined me to watch the show Cinderella that I had been directing. She had been complaining that her hand was hurting. It had been swollen since she broke it, but the doctor didnt seem too concerned. After the show that night she just moaned and moaned about her hand. I decided to call the doctor the following morning because it was MASSIVELY swollen, and she screamed bloody murder if you just brushed by it.
After convincing the doctor and nurse that I was pretty sure it was more than just a little swollen they told us to come in.
They ran some xrays and couldnt find any more broken bones. Doc said that her nerves had been bruised--but was stumped as to why it was hurting so much.

Regardless, he decided that she needed a full length cast to include her hand to protect it a little better. Sad thing was...he couldn't make that one waterproof.
Riley was relieved to have her hand feeling a little better, but super disappointed it meant she was no longer allowed in the pool. Doc told her to come back in a week to reevaluate her hand to try to figure out what is wrong with it.

I've tried to make light of the situation with ice cream, telling her how cool it is that she gets 2 colors of casts, drive in movies, and theater performances--but the poor girl wants to swim.

On the bright side...we've only got 3 more weeks. Grandma Nisey--you better have a blow up pool for the girl to jump in when we get there.


Lindsay said...

Both Emma and Slade have had broken arms in the summer. They were lucky enough to get waterproof casts but it still wasn't fun. Hope the next few weeks go quickly for you and Riley

SladeMomma said...

Po' po' Riley Roo! Indeed bad timing. But hey, I like seeing the piano book in the background. Somebody practicing, I hope?