Sunday, June 13, 2010


Memorial Day weekend we had grand plans to go on a lil family camping trip. We packed up all the shenanigans--tent, sleeping bags, camping food, portable stove with itty bitty propane tank, fire wood to build a fire, bug spray...the whole shebang.
Well, as luck would have it, when we arrived at the camp grounds they were completly full. Berns immediately felt defeated and got sad. I tried to pep things up a bit by saying we could still grill by a fire, roam around, and then we could go home when it got dark. After a few minutes of pursuading Berns that this would still be fun, we parked the car and started unloading the goodies.

Well, we soon found out that the only place we could build our fire was in the little grills that were by some picnic tables. Berns found that pretty pathetic--but that didnt stop us! We built our ghetto fire and grilled our brats and hot dogs and roasted our marshmellows.
Dinner was delicious--the girls loved digging and playing in the dirt (that was as soft as beach sand mind you) and climbing around on the rocks.
We even got to see some wild life roaming around.

We will attempt our camping adventure yet again in the near future--but until then, it's fun little mishaps like this that make memories so much more enjoyable.

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Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Now that is definitely my style camping. I can handle that kind.