Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm pretty sure I bought it for the kids.

I found a superb little train table for the kiddos for $20. Being that my house is anything but extravagant and elegant, I decided it would fit nicely in place of our living room coffee table. (That's right at Shea's house...I have otter pops too).

Zoie jumped right on board with the idea and played and played. Riley played "cool" for the first little bit (you know....7 year olds are much to old and cool for this)--but then she too was engulfed in building new train tracks.

And then there was the third child in the not the one in my stomach....I'm talking about Mr. Bernardo. I would find him at the train table playing and making sound effects long after the kiddos had moved on to a different project.

Well, at least I got my money's worth!

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Rebecca and Nick said...

ha ha I LOVE IT!!! What a steal of a deal, also! Let me know next time you see something like that.