Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Green Thumb

I received plenty of laughs when I told people that I was going to plant a garden. Not only were the laughs about me planting a garden--but more so me attempting to grow anything in Las Vegas. I'll give it to you nonbelievers---for being a first time gardener with intense heat, it has proven quite difficult.

However...I planted the first part of it's June....take a look. Those of you unbelievers and mockers--you owe me apologies as well as a smoothie (I'm hot.)

This is right after we planted in April...not much too see

The girls helping me spread the seeds. Let's be honest--it's probably because they planted them that anything is growing.

Miss. Roo has to look stylish at anything she gloves never looked so good.

The garden currently...uh, wait, what's that? OOOOH...stuff grew!? Booya.

Scrumptious tomatoes

Juicy ripe strawberries

The girls displaying some of the "fruits of their labor"--they tasted delicious in a salad later that night.

Everything has sprouted except the cilantro...but I can live without that. We've got lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapenos, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon, onion, and snap peas....Uncle Brent would be so proud :)


Mariana Camargos said...

Isn't it what Berns call as "A litle plantion in the backyard"??? Now I see he is right!! Its too a litle plantation and its growing really good!! HArvest season, y'all !!!

Dana said...

On behalf of Uncle Brent - WAY TO GO! I'm (and he) impressed with your green thumb.

lissalynn said...

i am so jealous! if ounly i could b in one place long enough to grow a garden. youre so provident!