Monday, June 28, 2010


Zoie's nickname is "The Beast". People tell me that I should stop calling her that soon as it will give her a "complex". However, after this next incident, I believe it still fits her quite well....

Berns and I decided it was time for Zo to get a "big girl bed". Transferring her from a crib to a toddler bed had me worried. Keeping her in the crib had her contained. I was afraid she would wander in the middle of the night, not go down for her naps, fall out of bed, etc etc etc. Not to mention I'm soooo not ready for my baby to be big enough to sleep in a real bed.

Regardless, I gave in and bought a cute little bed for the little one. Zoie's excitement and pure enjoyment for her new bed was just priceless. She runs around the house telling all that will listen about "Zozo's big girl bed".

And to my amazement the first night and the first couple days she went right to bed. Never got out except when she was done sleeping. She came and joined Berns and I in bed the first 2 nights, but no roaming the house, no getting out and refusing to go to sleep...nuttin like that.


we had had the bed a few days. It was nap time. I put Zo to bed and went about my business. She stayed uber quite, and she had proven to us that she would go to bed nicely when we put her down. A few hours later (after Riley came home from school), we heard the Beast stirring. I thought to myself what a fantastic nap she received! Riley went in there and came back saying, "MOM, Zoie drew ALLLL over herself. I can't find the pen that she used....go get her".

So I meandered into her room not only to find some colored legs, but this as well:

Yes, she did that beautiful mess all by herself. Don't get me's nice that she still got a good nap--she just had to make things a "little" less organized before she did so. I'm pretty convinced she had emptied every drawer in her room...and then more.
But then the little peanut looks up and gives me her sweet little look so disciplining her and telling her no is so much more difficult.
Instead she got a laugh and a snuggle. I made her help pick it up. She hasn't done it since....but we will still call her The Beast...justifiably so.


Kara said...

Oh my gosh, what a crazy girl! And you are crazy to move her into a bed- I'd keep that girl caged in a crib as long as possible! And poor Rylie, I'm so sad for her about her arm! That would be the worst, casted half the summer. At least summer here lasts till October and she'll still have plenty of hot days left when she gets that thing off. Hope you're doing well. I hope you'll be at Bunko next week!

Mariana Bicalho said...

Ela é doidinha demais!!! Fofa!!!

SladeMomma said...

That next to the last picture with those big dark eyes, how can you do anything but squeeze her? Beast she may be, but I love her energy.