Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giddey Up and Git-r-done

If you give me an excuse to go "home" to Durango I'm usually bound to jump on the bandwagon. My lovely sister Damon decided to get married in Durango the third week of July so we packed up the girls and a few delicious car trip goodies and headed to the land of elk and deer. Never mind the fact that my OB/GYN advised me time and time again NOT to take the trip because it was too close to my due date.....

Being that it's a 10 hour drive, I begged and pleaded with my lovely lovely husband to let us girls stay for a week instead of just a quick weekend trip. And, yes, my lovely lovely husband agreed. While there we played all around grandma's "farm", got dirty, ate lots of food, sang some mountain music, played in the dirt....rolled in the dirt, road horses in the dirt, brought dirt inside, etc and etc in the dirt.
The morning of Damon's wedding Berns took the girls horseback riding. Since Riley has been on a cowgirl kick lately she was SUPER excited to go. Zoie ADORED the horses and didn't want to stop riding them. Riley ADORED the horses too...BUT she preferred feeding them instead of riding them.

It's always nice to go back to Colorado--every time Berns and I try to figure out a way to move back--but until then we will enjoy our quick trips of playing in the dirt to some good ol' mountain music.

And now...enjoy some obessive overload of pictures:


Dana said...

And that is what i remember about Red Mesa...dirt.

Matt and Merrit said...

That picture of Zoie on the tire swing is awesome!! Can I have her please?? I promise not to give her back;)

lissalynn said...

i miss colorado too.