Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Green Table

So remember how I lived in Durango for soooo long and never went to Mesa Verde (yup, it's only 45 minutes away...). The last time I was there was when my Dad took us on a road trip when I was like...7..maybe...
Regardless--it was about due time to go. So while on our lovely trip to Durango I packed up the car and the girls and I headed up the mountain (along with my sister Britt and her family). Papa Berns had to take a early flight home on Monday (for work), so he didn't get to join us.
I'm not going to lie--climbing up and down the trails on the mountain in HOT weather being 8 months pregnant was not the FUNNEST thing to do in the world; but the girls had a great time.

Riley's new mission you ask? To make houses on the side of a mountain just like the Indians did. She planned out her mental blue prints the entire way home....First a cowboy and now an Indian...this girl is on one.


SladeMomma said...

Glad you back, blogging that is. And being whale size in June/July is a plenty good excuse to not have updated. I'm surprised that you have time now, however. Baby Bia must be good, or your mom is still there.

Kara said...

I have lived near Mesa Verde my WHOLE life and haven't been since girls camp when I was 12!!! Chris still hasn't been and every time we go home we say we'll have to go there "next time"! We keep saying that and I'm afraid we'll never go!