Sunday, August 22, 2010

Slacker with a side of {ketchup}

I would like to say that due to the fact that I just had a baby I have not had time to blog about all of our adventures this summer...HOWEVER, all of our adventures happened in June and July--so me having a baby in August is probably not a good excuse. So bare with me as I take time to catch up on all of our whereabouts.
Sorry if I bore you---let's be honest--it's more for me to look back on--we aren't THAT exciting of people.

Regardless...what better way to reminisce about summer than with pictures of swimming pools and darling little girls?

After Rooster got her casts off, the girls and I spent as much time at the pool as we could. Riley and Zoie both turned into fish once the summer sun hit Las Vegas---and my big whale pregnant body enjoyed cooling off submerged in the cool water. Once the pool closes this coming October I will be at a loss for what to do with the girls...looks like we will be scoping out the indoor lap pools...

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