Friday, August 27, 2010


Reason #eleventy-hundred-six-six to have little girls:

Zo and Ri have been dressing up as "pwincesses" for the past few weeks. Riley drapes things on Zoie and Zo just twirls and spins in delight.
Riley, however, has decided she is too old for crowns and poofy dresses--so she takes time to dress as a "princess warrior" or a gypsy...

And if you look real close to the picture, you will find that even daddy gets to play every now and again...Thank goodness for daddies that love having little girls and all the frills that come with it.
Hun--you look dashing as a Pwincess.


Anonymous said...

I think my favorite is Zoie in the glasses. I love her pose, it's the same in every picture of her.

SladeMomma said...

I wish you at least 3 more pwincesses. It would be nonstop fun, especially come prom time. Oh, and weddings.

lissalynn said...

these lics of riley look just like you did when i first met you, in second grade!