Saturday, July 5, 2008

Durango Bliss

A couple of weeks ago Berns and I and Zoie took the trek down to Durango to see old familiar faces. Poor miss Riley was in Greeley and wasn't able to come with us (and everyone in Durango told us how much that was NOT ok.)
Berns and I were quick to realize how much we missed Durango and the small quirky town that it is. It was also nice because my big "brothers" Dan and Chris were there visiting, so we got to see them too. Dispite the millions of bugs (spiders, yuck), and heinous allergies, Berns and I both realized its still one of our favorite places :)
Ginormous Cheeks!!!!! they weigh her face down
Beautiful Winnie...she's fantastic
momma and kissy boom
momma and hoeyster

i dunno.....
it must be something in the air..or water....

Zoie loooooves grandpa paul sister...there is no explanation for her...
and grandpa paul looooves zoie
just us....we are cute

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