Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting Too Big Too Fast

Summer is in full swing and is going by waaaaaaaay too fast. Zoie just turned 2 months old last week..she had her doctors apointment and is already weighing in at 11 pounds! What a little chunkers! We never miss a moment to snuggle her up! Look at that ROUND face!! I put her little summer hat on her and she LOVED the designs on the top of them I couldnt convince her to look at me instead. She is quite the loveable amazing person. She smiles CONSTANTLY..even when she is eating. When it is 3am and I really would rather be sleeping than feeding a baby, she stops halfway through her feeding, looks up at me and gives me a big grin....I have to laugh, because really, how can you resist something like that. Believe it or not, it makes it so I dont mind the late night feedings and enjoy the very quiet time that it's just the 2 of us. She is a good one for sure!Riley has loved the summer life of playing outside in the slip-n-slide, small little pool, and trampoline ALL DAY LONG. She wakes up, eats, puts on a dress (its an amazment if I can get her in anything else) and says, "See you later mom" and is out the door to find friends and make the most of her day. Berns and I have pretty much poo-pooed bedtime this summer and have found Riley falling alseep late late late practically every day. She has had the thrills of going to the swimming pool, carnivals, BBQ's, minigolfing, shopping, and birthday's exhausting just thinking about it...but she is constantly going!! This girl NEVER SLOWS DOWN! It is exciting to watch her become her own little person...but I'm holding my ground in saying she needs to slow down the growing process. She will be 6 in 2 months!!

Berns has been enjoying the time with his girls when he is not at work. His mom was here with us for 2 wonderful weeks and he reverted back to the little boy I'm sure she knew him as....(yes, he even had her tuck in once!) He was very excited at the fact that his mom brought the right materials to make a kite--something he LOVED to do as a child. I was quite impressed by the turnout of it, and when it actually flew (and flew AMAZING), I was even more in awe. He reminded me of the kite runner...he's pretty pro...a pro-kite-er...yes, that's a real term.

We have been blessed with many visitors this summer. And what better visitors than...GRANDMAS! Berns' mom graced us with her presence for 2 weeks. We enjoyed eating WAAAAY too much and shopping even more. Riley loved grabbing her every attention, and Zoie just liked to smile at her...It was very nice to have her and very sad when she had to leave..we are hoping that soon enough we can venture down south to visit the rest of the family in Belo Horizonte!My lovely mother was able to visit 2 within the past 2 months! And she's coming back next month!! It's always a wonderful thrill to have her here. She makes us all smile and laugh for hours on end. She is quite the wonderful woman...just thought I would let you know mom!
Im busy being a mom and trying to find where the time is going and where my sleep went. But with the never ending ammusement that my little 5 year old displays, the smiles of our little 2 month old, and the juvenile personality of my 26 year old husband--I am sure that the sleep is the last thing I need. They are all wonderful and keep me smiling and laughing. Minutes turn into weeks quickly and I just wish there were more hours in the day to love and savour...but since there is not..I will continue to take eleventy billion pictures.
2 months old and growing chubbier and chubbier...we love it
beautiful girl...we cant resist her.

how can you not be so happy when your so darn cute?

of course her bow had to match the swimsuit....

constantly in her own little world of wonder


Dana said...

I like the eleventy billion pictures and wouldn't mind more. Glad life is so fun for you all!

WaynenRissnKids said...

The more pictures the better.

You have been so active for having a newborn. I'm usually sitting around the house for the first two months--wait I'm still just sitting around the house.....hmmm

You guys look like you are having TONS of fun!

lovely laurie said...

I'm with Dana--more pictures would be good....I'm glad you are so happy and life is so full of fun for you!

Aubrey said...

Cute kids! Where are the pictures of you!?!? :)