Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where'd you get those cheeks!!

Zoie's cheeks are is living proof....

We have the joke going around that in heaven, when they were passing out cheeks, Zoie got a little confused and stood in the cheek line twice....They are pretty squeezable and good. We like em!...Not to mention her beautiful eyes...


ToGeThEr AnD fUn said...

Oh God... you really make gorgeous babies... I looked at the pictures four times...and I think I will do it again... they are gorgeous and you, Shea, are gorgeous too. I love the pictures. Thank you for the wonderful blogs!

Mariana said...

É a primeira vez que eu falo aqui... mas sempre leio o blog de vocês!
Guess what... I have the answer to your question!!!
Ask Bebê to show you a picture of Felipe when he was a baby... And you will find out!!!
Your children are beautiful and veryyy cute! I can't wait to meet Zoie and to see Riley again.
Mariana Bicalho
P.S.: Sorry about my English ;)