Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uncle Sam, Miss Liberty, and all the stuff inbetween

We spent the 4th of July with marvelous family and friends. Like I said, there are a MANILLION pictures, so if you dont like pictures, just shut your eyes as you scroll.
Ceriz (Berns' mom) got in from Brazil the evening before the 4th. So she got to spend the day celebrating the USA...haha. My crazed yet wonderful mother also got to join the event because grandpa Paul was going to Wyoming to play cowboy without her (not that she wanted to go). We ventured to downtown Provo with 6 kids and 5 adults to see the Colonial Day festival. Nate (my sister's husband) was dressed up in a colonial outfit and doing some sort of promotion for a play he was in. We then ventured down the street to find food and a fair of all sorts. The children immediately hit up grandma Nisey for toys and money for the rides. Dispite me saying "mom, you dont have to do that" or "mom, they dont need that" or "mom, they dont have to ride EVERY ride"--the children walked away riding...every ride, and with new toys, and face paintings....You must give the lady some credit, she works hard for the "favorite grandma" title.
We then went home and got ready for the BBQ at Britts house. We ate tooo much delicious BBQed shishcabobs and salads and fruits of all varieties. Our buddies Ryan and Aubrey and Ryan's sister and her husband and cute kids joined the fun as well. We played silly games on the front lawn and let off our own fireworks. It was a fun...very hot...very exhausting day. Riley loved every moment of it. Zoie slept through most of it. And we all had a great you can tell in the pictures....Our sweet little girl
Our other sweet little girl Grandma Ceriz taking in the day...
Grandma Nisey and Riley wrestling in the grass
Riley's kung pow moves
Airplane girls
Taking time for some loves
Our chubby chubby monkey!

Riian LOVING the rides
The Brown boys living the life
3 generations!
Riley casting a spell on grandma nisey

I dunno...he is what he is...

Sweet girl
Jacks new "tatoo
All smiles...she is precious...
Little miss Cindy Lou Hoo--or Izzy
The "scary" ride

Precious sisters
All the girls

Riley getting her "tatoo"


lovely laurie said...

Beautiful pictures....Beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

great fun!!!!!!!!!!! great pictures!!! bjs Mariana