Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Like a Child.

I LOOOOOOOOVE Christmas. I think you already know this. Berns LOOOOOOVES Christmas too. We get all giddey, wake up at 4 am and wait for everyone else to get up, we shake presents...not just ours, but everyones, we like giving and wrapping presents and probably use waaaay too much scotch tape on them. We eat too much candy and pie for breakfast on Christmas day. Our diets consist of frosted sugar cookies shaped like candy canes and christmas trees. We fight with the "real" children about who gets to play Mario Kart on the Wii next, or take the children's remote control helicopters from them so we can give them a go. We track Santa on nomad.com to see where he is. We are children.
Christmas this year was no exception to this. We had a GREAT christmas. The only thing missing was little Riley. She got to spend Christmas with her dad this year up in Colorado Springs--but when I called her, she was so excited about all her presents she didnt have any time to talk. She was too busy playing with the eleventy billion toys that she got.

This is our giddeyness....our sickness....our addiction. Enjoy. Santa brought Berns a ping pong table!!! (showing just the paddles...he had to travel back to Vegas to get the rest. Santa couldnt fit the table in his sleigh)

Santa brought me an iPod Touch...sweeet. Zoie discovering how to unwrap presents! Lets be real---she only really cared about gold wrapping paper.

Santa brought Zoie a pony!!!

My wonderful lovely husband bought me a new camera lens for Christmas. It is a ZOOM lens. Any of you that know Riley know that its pretty much impossible to get a picture of her without her running or hiding her face. Now I can get a picture! I'm super excited! Here are some pictures I took with my new lens :) Granted it's not nearly as good as Justin's pictures...or even Britt's for that matter--but the fact that I was across the room and took these up close pictures makes me uber happy. Who wants to be the next model??


Framing Memories said...

We really enjoyed having Riley for Christmas this year. She is so much fun! We took lots of pictures of her opening her presents and having fun with her cousins. Let me know if you want me to email some to you?

and Zoie is ADORABLE! She is so pretty!

Thanks again for sending Riley to Colorado for Christmas!

Aunt Jenn, Uncle B, Braedyn & Prestyn

SladeMomma said...

Yeah for getting that picture of Justin! I also got a zoom lens but haven't had a moment to even try it - too much vacationing.