Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rocking Christmas Eve

What is Christmas without the ridiculous traditions of Christmas eve? Shall we list them? Yes we shall:

1. Eat a ridiculously large dinner that makes you hurt so bad but crave more food....and then the apple pie presents itself.

2. Stockings made out of men's tube socks, puff paint, felt, glue, a lil bit o this, a lil bit o that...lets be real can that combination NOT be fabulous?

3. The Holiday Show Down....did you really expect NOT to have a musical extraveganza with my mother around? Jess of course sang a beautiful did Nate....and then there was Damon--who played the clarinet while tap dancing...Berns and I who rewrote the lyrics to Proud Mary to fit the Christmas Story, Justin who did a lyrical dance to Alissa's Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Mom and Tommy with their rejected reindeer telling jokes, and Paul--who was the partridge in a pear tree. Need I say more?

4. Secret Santa--everyone picks a name prior to Christmas--the best presents are always given by Britt's children. This year the prize goes to Cole who designed a sleigh with a picture of Tommy driving was fantastic. But Im not gonna lie--the train Jack painted me is superb.

5. Mom reading "The Littlest Angel" a book my grandpa read growing up...makes everyone cry...thanks Gramps.

6. We end the night with everyone getting new PJs to wear that night...Berns got feetie pajamas...with sock monkeys that adorned the feet...and they zipped up...priceless. Pictures to follow as soon as I yoink one from Justin.


Aubrey said...

I certainly hope you have some video of the Holiday Show Down.

Anonymous said...

i want to see the stockings!!!