Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I'm a tad bit late in posting a few things...but I'm getting done before Christmas, so I still get points for that right?

So right after Thanksgiving we got in the holiday spirit and put up our Christmas tree!! Being that the one that we had last year was a measly 3 feet, I convinced my wonderful husband to buy me a new one! So we trekked out and found a nice fluffy new tree, nice fluffy new ornaments, and nice fluffy treats to keep us nice and fluffy.

Riley decided to help decorate from afar. She was "cold" so sat on the couch and regulated from there. She directed us on where to put ornaments and candy canes....that doesnt sound like her at all right!? Moohaha.

Zoie decided that the shopping for the tree and ornaments was down right exhausting and slept through the entire thing....oh well.

Nonetheless, our tree looks pretty decked out in silver and purple bulbs...although, I needed to buy more purple....again...oh well.

Did I mention we didnt buy enough lights for the christmas tree so they are few and far between? What can I say--we are amateurs--just wait to see new years creation!

First things first--get the skirt on the tree.

Berns RISKING HIS LIFE to put the star on the top...

There she is in all her glory...more purple bulbs are needed huh?

Lit up...darn camera for not capturing in her best light...

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lissalynn said...

PERFECT! its almost a little too perfect though. merry christmas you filthy animal! and a happpy new year!